Rent OCCO for your next corporate function, launch party, or private event. Starting at $999, OCCO snaps photos without the confines of a booth. Customize your photos with your corporate logo or hashtags for social media presence. Capture photos of one guest or ten; OCCO's agile panning technology has everyone covered!

Purchase OCCO

OCCO is now available in Canada through Vancouver Event Works. OCCO takes a refreshingly playful take on autonomous photography. It delights the crowd, captures magical moments, and keeps everyone wonderfully entertained. Guests receive their photos instantly—digitally or in print. Contact us for a quote at 604-754-4857.

OCCO for any device

OCCO's head can be purchased seperately. Integrate OCCO technology into your own products. Various levels of integration are possible from plug-and-play hardware packages to advanced software/hardware collaborations to customize the end-user experience workflow. Have an idea you want to implement? Email us today! 



Transforming event photography
into a captivating experience for all ages!

Simply pose in front of the large live-view screen as OCCO composes a perfect frame. No need to touch or adjust the screen. OCCO knows how to take a flattering shot without direction!

  • Fully customizable with company branding

  • Real-time analytics to monitor + collect leads

  • Superb panning + framing technology

  • No apps or touch screens

  • Instantly prints photos + uploads to online albums

OCCO is a playful, interactive robot that creates an immersive photography experience. This revolutionary approach to autonomous photography opens doors to creativity and fun for all users.

No booths, no apps, and no restrictions!


OCCO operates in an open space with full freedom to interact and play—snapping people in motion, even jumping in mid-air. 


Learn more about OCCO at

Ways to use OCCO

Promote your brand and increase social media presence
Inject OCCO technology into your own device
Fun, innovative autonomous photography
Crowd-pleaser at festivals and attractions


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Corporate Events

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Trade Shows

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Launch Parties


Vancouver Event Works Inc. is a BC start-up company. We bring state-of-the-art robotics technology to event, entertainment, and retail sectors. Vancouver Event Works Inc. is the technology co-designer and exclusive Canadian distributor of OCCO technology. We specialize in implementing robotics and AI to automate event photography, drive customer engagement, create good will, and promote brands on social channels.



For any inquiries, please call us or fill out the following form:

Canadian Office

9 - 7733 Turnill Street,

Richmond, BC V6Y 4H9 Canada

OCCO in the United States

4545 Roosevelt Way NE,

Seattle, WA 98105 USA

Get a quote: 604-754-4857

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